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2011-04-15 15:35:06 by MarcxDx47

I'm making a game and its long,but you have to download it. I made it with SMBX.

SMBX=Super Mario Bros X
Hey guys if you were making a game and want to download music go on st
Now im starting to make my SMBX level if you want to go play SMBX and dowload then go on /

If u never heared of the game " Soul Brother " go in this website

What I made on Paint

2011-03-31 15:41:19 by MarcxDx47

This is my picture I made hope You like it Newgrounders

What I made on Paint


2011-03-31 15:23:14 by MarcxDx47


MarcxDx47 Account

2010-11-10 15:15:07 by MarcxDx47

Hi Newgrounds